Mluvíme samozřejmě i česky!

Come in!


3bees recording studio

  • It is smart, although there were already almost 900 clients
  • You can't find it on news title pages, although every day, there is created something that might be a part of your life (the better part, of course)
  • Three bees work there collecting honey for you and helping flowers to bloom
  • Through the air shaft sounds of robust drum set can be heard, as well as mysterious bass and velvet voice
  • Undergraduettes sit in windows and let the evening breeze fan their faces
  • Laughter can be heard from some rooms, from others ... even. Lively place indeed!
  • "What? Are you apiarists, gardeners, musicians, or some damned...? What's going on there? What about having a look?"


nahrávací studio 4

24 years, 1 500 clients, Producents and Honey prices (remarkably lowest for bands)


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